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E-mail & Text Messaging

Messaging Service Overview

Adding the Messaging Service will greatly improve your ability to send appointment correspondence and marketing blasts to your clients. Signing Up for the Messaging Service Before you can send messages dire...


Text Message Confirmations Overview

In Version 12, clients can respond with a confirmation to appointment reminders sent by text message. It's easy for them to do, and it's hands off for you once you set it up! Here's how: Click the Messaging ...


Modifying Text Reminder Templates

In order for a client to receive a text reminder from you in just one segment, it is recommended that the template you're using contain less than 160 characters. Many SMS providers will split messages into mult...


How can I receive client e-mail and SMS responses?

If a client responds to an e-mail, the response does not come directly to your software. There are settings you can configure to decide how you receive those responses. In your software, go to the Messaging...


Editing Messaging Templates

These instructions will help you locate and modify the existing templates used for messaging and notifications in your software. We provide a default template for each message type, and if you've updated from a...


Avoiding Spam Filters

These instructions will provide some helpful tips to avoid getting your e-mail marketing campaigns marked as spam by your clients' inboxes. While it's not possible to predict everything that spam filter algorit...


Marketing Campaigns Overview (Version 11)

This article will help you add and edit a marketing campaign as well as provide an overview of the Marketing Clientele Wizard used to narrow your client list for targeted marketing. Adding a Marketing Campaign...


Marketing Campaigns Overview

This article will help you add and edit a marketing campaign as well as provide an overview of the Client Report used to narrow your client list for targeted marketing. Adding a Marketing Campaign Select Ed...


Version 11 SMTP Overview

After updating to Version 11 of our software, the option to continue using SMTP reminders is still in place. The reminder system has, however, been expanded in the recent upgrade to include notifications for bo...


Previous Version SMTP Appointment Reminders Overview

Configuring the Software to Send SMTP Reminders Select E-mail Reminder Configuration from the Tools pull-down menu. Click E-mail Setup in the lower left. This will display your SMTP settings including ...